What's Safe And What's Not

Many factors, including washing habits, clothing detergents, and hormonal fluctuations, can contribute to vaginal dryness. Facial skin thins when collagen is lost, and vaginal tissue thins when estrogen decreases. Since any kind of sugar can feed yeast in the body, many people believe that using a product with glycerin in the vagina can either cause a yeast infection or make an existing infection worse.

While this certainly can be true, there are many reasons (stress, lack of sleep and hormones, to name a few) that may result in an aroused woman experiencing vaginal dryness. Every menstruating woman experiences vaginal dryness three days prior and three days after their period, as estrogen levels fall during those times.

C-oil can be used with Female condoms I noticed many people post and say the lubricant they use, but it is VERY important what kind of condom they use because some are not made to use with coconut oil , petroleum etc …… I do wish they would indicate what kind of condom used when they comment about lubs.

For example, early research showed that the microbicidal and spermicidal detergent, nonoxynol-9, caused rapid exfoliation of uterine and rectal epithelial cells in animal models 48 , 49 and rectal epithelium in humans 50 In animal studies, nonoxynol-9-associated irritation and mucosal damage was accompanied by increased susceptibility to infection by HSV-2 49 , 51 In the SMI assay, nonoxynol-9-containing personal lubricants induced severe mucosal irritation, while products without nonoxynol-9 did not 52 Nonoxynol-9-containing personal lubricants were also shown to remove rectal mucosa, which may promote rectal transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other sexually transmitted infections 53 Consequently, the WHO does not recommend the use of nonoxynol-9-containing personal lubricants 30 Today, nonoxynol-9 is used infrequently, mainly on condoms.

It enhances your sexual experience and can satisfy you and your partner. You can also choose silicone based lubricants, as these are glycerin free. You don't use any products with any kind of sugars or glycerin in it. According to Everyday Health , sugar-based lubricants increase the production of yeast in the vagina, sometimes leading to yeast infections.

It helps that the ingredients are all organic herbs and spices found more often in cookie recipes than lube (peppermint, cacao, vanilla, cardamom oils). Vaginal dryness is experience widely by women while in their intercourse which makes it uncomfortable and painful on their part.

Vaginal moisturizers are also used to avoid friction during sexual relations, but are applied differently than lubricant. They found that when women were aroused or partially-aroused (immediately after sexual activity or after a 15-minute rest period), their genital pain sensitivity was higher than it was when the women were not aroused.

Many different topical vaginal treatments are available, from nonprescription, nonmedicated lubricants and moisturizers to prescription-only topical forms of best personal lube reviews estrogen therapy (see table). "This is one of the reasons I choose a lube with as few ingredients as I can find," says sex educator Elle Chase, who recommends the PleasureWorks Please line.

The following oil-based lubricants can destroy latex condoms. Some people won't like coconut oil while others may even find soothing lubricants to be problematic. But lubricants aren't only for helping to overcome vaginal dryness - they're also fun! Lubricants can help ease vaginal dryness and improve intercourse.

Plant cellulose (it may be called hydroxyethylcellulose or cellulose polymer), which makes lubes slippery and moisturizing, and adds body. You need lubricant, and plenty of it. "I recommend the water-based Sliquid Organics Gel , which is infused with plant cellulose for a thicker feel that's gentle on the body," says Notte.

Buy from local or online sexuality-products retailers that emphasize education and body-safe ingredients, have a reputation for teaching their customers and only sell products that they endorse. To maintain the benefit, however, it is important to continue regular vaginal sexual activity.

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